Book Review: Southern African Moths and their Caterpillars


  • Dave Edge Metamorphosis, Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa, Brenton-on-Sea, South Africa



Book review


Southern African Moths and their Caterpillars. Hermann Staude, Mike Picker and Charles Griffiths. Pelagic Publishing, 20–22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, UK. 464 pp. ISBN 978-1-78427-347-7.

This long-awaited guide to an important and ubiquitous faunal group will not only be a valuable reference for serious lepidopterists, but also a valuable tool to enable the ever growing band of citizen scientists and conservationists to become more familiar with their subjects. It is written for the most part in plain language, whilst also exposing the reader to terms used by experts to describe moths and their caterpillars, thus also having an educational purpose. The adult photographs are of moths in the wild, in contrast to earlier publications, which were of museum specimens.


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